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  Bruce Bennett
President, Bennett Marketing & Media Production, LLC
  Executive Producer, Creative Inspiration ®

  After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Bruce “cut his teeth” by
  working a six month, non-paid internship at a small, three-person
  production company. For the next seven-and-a-half years, he played a key
  role in growing the company to a full-service facility that served more
  than 100 clients through a staff of eight employees. At the end of his
  eight years, Bruce had written, directed and/or produced approximately 80
  long-form videos and more than 100 TV commercials.

  Bruce spent the next six years as a Production Manager at CUNA Mutual
  Group. In that position, he gained extensive marketing experience in brand
  strategy and channel integration – creating video, interactive, Web-delivery
  and print projects, in addition to producing and directing live shows and
  events. While at CUNA Mutual Group, he earned a total of sixteen
  international, national and local awards for his work as a writer, director
  and producer.

  In 2006, Bruce formed Bennett Marketing & Media Production, LLC. Backed
  with more than eighteen years of award-winning experience, Bennett
  Marketing & Media Production creates video, film, multimedia, print and
  Web-delivery media for clients across the United States.

  Bruce is actively involved with several professional development 
  organizations including Media Communications Association-International and
  Madison Advertising Federation. He served on Media Communication
  Association-International Madison, Wisconsin chapter’s Board of Directors as
  Special Events Chair (1994-1995) and Programming Chair (2002-2003). In
  2003, the chapter recognized Bruce with its “Member of the Year” award. 

  In July of 2009, BMMP launched Creative Inspiration ®: Documentaries for
  those who love to create … and to be inspired.
Designed to inspire creative
  minds through documentary-style content, our in-depth interviews and
  stories tap into the exciting works and experiences of musicians, writers,
  film directors and producers, cinematographers, still photographers, graphic
  artists, painters, product design teams and others. Our guests explain how
  they take the creative process from initial stages of design to final
  production, reveal their influences, share what they have learned from their
  failures and accomplishments, and give our viewers valuable insight and
  proven advice on how to become successful at their craft.

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