Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Bennett Marketing
  & Media Production, LLC is an accomplished,
  international award-winning production company
  that produces film, video, interactive and Web
  media for broadcast, training, events, advertising
  and marketing/branding campaigns.



Credit Unions: 100 Years of Building 
  Financial Futures"  (HD Video)

  Client: America’s Credit Union Museum
  Foundation (Manchester, NH)        

  Description: Academy Award®-winning Peter
  Thomas narrates this historical documentary for
  America’s Credit Union Museum.

  "It is wonderful. So real… believable… so much a 
  part  of what makes our country great. What a
  great  story. You did a superb job, and I am so
  proud to be part of it."
  – Peter Thomas

  Windows Media Video:

  “NCUF Wegner Award for Outstanding
  Organization: MCUCD
”  (SD Video) 

 National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) 
  (Washington, DC)

  Description: Produced for NCUF's Herb Wegner
  Memorial Awards show, this video showcases the
  Credit Union Movement's "People Helping People"
  motto via the Montana Credit Unions for
  Community Development. 

  Windows Media Video: